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2022/1/18 -

Farzan Institute for the Development of Knowledge, Research and Technology, the top national entrepreneur and top entrepreneur in Tehran province, started its activities in December 2001. This institute has been active in the fields of education, research and technology, especially information and communication technology (ICT), and since its establishment, it has had innovation at the forefront of its activities. The result of these activities is the design and implementation of dozens of research projects and the publication of hundreds of articles in the most prestigious international journals and the training of a large number of young researchers. This institute, as a knowledge-based industrial production company in the field of information technology, has been approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Farzan Institute has established the first Iranian scientific writing center. So far, more than 500 articles from this institute have been published in prestigious international journals up to 24 IFs. It has also concluded more than 4,000 contracts with universities, research centers and faculty members in the field of health research projects and providing consulting and research services.

Farzan Institute for the Development of Knowledge, Research and Technology has established the first Iranian clinical research organization with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (Deputy Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health) and operates in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. In this regard, 30 international agreements and memoranda of understanding have been concluded with foreign and international centers and organizations.

The institute has also established the first clinical information management organization to provide data management projects, especially epidemiological studies and clinical trials.

With the aim of improving the quality of health services, the institute has offered hospital accreditation courses within the Department of Health Quality Transformation (HQT), which are covered by the experts of the Ministry of Health and a number of hospitals in the country.

The Institute for Health Education is also licensed by the State Budget and Planning Organization and its authority to train more than 4 million employees of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been approved by this organization, the Ministry of Oil, Tehran Governor's Office and public institutions such as Tehran Municipality. The Ministry of Health and Medical Education has also approved the educational qualifications of the institute in various fields. This institute has a history of cooperation in health education with more than 50 universities of medical sciences and various deputies of the Ministry of Health, including the deputy of treatment, deputy of health, deputy of food and medicine, deputy of research and technology and deputy of management development and resources of the Ministry of Health. .

In the field of information technology and smart health, it has provided 19 web applications and 10 Android and iOS mobile applications to Iranian users in the field of health, some of which have been approved by the High Informatics Council and the Center for Information Technology and Digital Media Development. It has 13 websites and so far more than 130,000 people have been covered by the institute's online training.

In the field of e-mobile and mobile health, in an innovative action worldwide, the institute has provided intelligent health services on the web and mobile platform and in an integrated manner to health centers, medical universities, the Ministry of Health, respected physicians and the general public.

"These services include "Homa: Smart Health Care System", "Mobile Apps for the General Public (Health Angel) and Health Workers (My Patient)", "Faracom: Smart Communication System", "Farama: Consulting System" Online and Telephone Health, "Health Beyond: Health Education and Measurement," Health Roadmap System, Intelligent Diagnosis System, Disease Reporting System (IRDR), and a number of other systems."

Smart apps for diabetes, healthy heart, mental health, family health, child development, physical activity, and smoking cessation are now available and can be used to run smart health campaigns and provide services to the general public. These smart applications are based on Smart, Personalization and Interactive models. Smart campaign program consists of smart evaluation and feedback to users, smart flowcharts and customized roadmap for each user separately using information technology and artificial intelligence (AI), mobile application, remote monitoring and consulting Online, telephone and SMS, the use of social networks, smart reminder and educational messages and public / patient education (Public / Patient Education) are virtual, multimedia and interactive with points for government employees. The combination of these programs can serve education, prevention and health promotion and has the full flexibility to change in accordance with the policies and programs of public, government and private agencies and organizations.

Farzan Institute Publishing has a book publishing license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and has published or is publishing books in Persian and English. Previously, publications from the institute's colleagues in the field of health had achieved various successes.

Farzan Institute has also published the first electronic newsletter of Iranian research and technology with 40,000 issues in the country.

In 1390, this institute was selected as the top entrepreneur of Tehran province in the first stage and as the top national entrepreneur in the next stage, and was honored in the National Festival of Appreciation of Top Entrepreneurs in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 1391, the Institute received the title of Top Entrepreneur Company in the National Conference on Entrepreneurship Management in Information and Communication Technology of Iran (EMIC Tech 2012) and succeeded in obtaining the Golden Beam Statue of Entrepreneurship from this conference. Also in the same year, he succeeded in obtaining the statue of innovation in the festival of great innovators. It is worth mentioning that the institute has succeeded in obtaining a statue from the National Conference of Cooperatives. Also, for the institute's products in the field of information technology, the national production support badge has been assigned to the institute and has been selected as the top process in the excellence festival of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. In 1990, the CEO of the Institute, while attending a meeting of the Supreme Leader with selected economic activists, succeeded in giving a speech at the meeting in the presence of His Holiness.

In the field of writing health books, we have succeeded in receiving the awards of the book of the university year, the book of the student year, the selected book of the Ibn Sina festival and the selected book of the Shahid Hedayat festival, sometimes in successive turns of these festivals. All of these awards are given for writing and publishing clinical books and basic medical sciences.

The institute has also been present in the field of social responsibilities. The CEO of the institute has been present as a representative of entrepreneurs in the Supreme Employment Council of the country and also as a select of the top entrepreneurs of the province, a full member of the board of trustees of the Tehran Entrepreneurs Association and secretary general of the association's working groups. He is also the president of the Tehran Association of Entrepreneurship Consulting Centers and the secretary of the National Association of Entrepreneurship Consulting Centers.


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